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DocuSign/EQ Office Case Study

Download the 2022 DocuSign Tower Case Study


For Property Managers: Service Menu

  For Property Managers: Service Menu


Headed back to the office? You’ve got options to get there.

Share this PDF flyer with your teammates or tenants to refresh their memory about their options for getting to work (and around town!)


2022: 6 Month Events Look Ahead

Use this look ahead calendar to plan your employee transportation communications and to stay connected with Commute Seattle!


CTR Program Report Questions Handout

Download this handout to learn more about the CTR Program Report Questions!


TMP Program Report Requirement DocuSign Quick Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on how to complete the Seattle Transportation Management Program Biennial Program Report requirement via DocuSign! The City of Seatt

CTR Program Report Requirement DocuSign Quick Tutorial

Program Report Video Tutorial This is a quick tutorial on how to complete the Seattle Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Biennial Progr

Transit Service Updates and Travel Options

Get the latest information about transit service updates and travel options in the Seattle area!

2021 TMP Director's Rule

The 2021 Seattle Transportation Management Program Director's Rule includes information about TMP triggers, TMP development, and typical TMP elements.


Business and Occupation Tax Credit

Learn more about how to apply for the Commute Trip Reduction Credit Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax with our short video and most frequently asked questions.

Workplace Charging Toolkit by Forth

This toolkit was developed by Forth for businesses and property managers interested in or ready to implement a workplace charging program but want some additional guidance and resources throughout the process.


Bicycle Parking Guidelines for the Transportation Management Program

This guide is both a resource for new development that is required to provide bicycle parking and for property and business owners who would like to add bike parking in or near existing buildings and in the right of way.


Survey Results: Commuter Benefit Survey for Small & Medium Size Businesses (Fall 2020)

Survey Results: Commuter Benefit Survey for Small & Medium Size Businesses Results (Fall 2020)


Telework: Sample Policies & Forms

Sample telework policies, agreements, and forms.

Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Basic Training

Your role as an Employee Transportation Coordinator in the Commute Trip Reduction Program.


Commute Safe, Commute Happy

The way we move through Seattle has changed and we are here to help. Commuters have found new modes and technology to commute while keeping their distance. Commute Seattle offers free business services to help you create safer commutes for your employees.

Building Transportation Coordinator (BTC) Basic Training

Your role as a Building Transportation Coordinator in the Transportation Management Program


Employee Transportation Coordinator Job Description

An ETC is required by all employers affected by the CTR law. Read on to find the key components of hiring a successful Employee Transportation Coordinator.

Bike Resources

Follow these four steps to rekindle the love for your bike and get back out on the streets. This is a great way to practice biking in the city and incorporate it into your daily life.

Bike (Back) To Work Webinar

In May 2020, we hosted Bikes Make Life Better for an educational webinar on how to begin biking back to work. Watch the full webinar and check out the list of resources mentioned in the video below.

COVID-19 Transit Policy Updates Infographic

Transit is changing and if you have not been on public transit since the pandemic hit, you may want to familiarize yourself with the changes made to keep our community safe. At a glance, you can see masks are required on all transit, where safety partitions are installed to separate the driver from riders and if fares are reinstated.


Supporting Working Parents Webinar

Hear from a panel of working parents who are also experts on working parent resources, Human Resources and commuter programs, and gain valuable insight into how businesses are creating a supportive work environment for their parents during this unprecedented school year.

Commuting During Phased Re-Opening: What You Need to Know Webinar

In this webinar, we provided an overview of the transportation landscape – looking a bit at past and present, then pivot to walk through several commute modes, with ideas and considerations you should consider for your workplace.

Remote Management & Teleworking Culture Webinar

In this webinar, we explored key topics for establishing a successful telework program during and after COVID-19.

King County Metro: COVID Transportation Information Webinar

We hosted experts from Business Services, Rideshare, Service Planning, and Operations to discuss public transportation during COVID. Watch the full webinar here.

2014 Downtown Modesplit

The trend continues. More and more people are foregoing the daily grind and choosing transit, walking, and bicycling to get to work.

Property Management Toolkit

Commute Seattle, The Downtown Seattle Association, and The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) are pleased to offer you this toolkit that will provide a one-stop resource for sustainable transportation products, services, and incentives available to offer at your property location.

Transportation Management Program Report Preview

This is a preview of the TMP Program Report questions. The City of Seattle Transportation Management Program (TMP) requires affected buildings to submit program reports every other year. Program reports are used to monitor a Transportation Management Program's goals and elements.


2017 Commuter Mode Split Survey

This study was conducted for Commute Seattle on behalf of the Seattle Department of Transportation to understand how commuters travel to Downtown Seattle.


Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Flyer

The goal of the program is to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels so that your business can run smoothly, and your employees stay healthy.

2017 Transportation Benefits Toolkit: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 focuses on Communications and Marketing. Includes information on posting program information, new employee onboarding checklists, transportation events, and other resources to promote individual behavior change.

2017 Transportation Benefits Toolkit: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 focuses on various Transportation Program Elements. Includes information on: Pre-Tax/Tax-Free Benefits, Vanpool/Vanshare/Company Shuttles, Carpooling, Parking Management, Telework & Flex Schedule, Subsidies, Reimbursements and more.

2017 Transportation Benefits Toolkit: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 focuses on Transportation Program Creation & Implementation. Includes an introduction to Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Related Programs (TMPs, MUPs, MIMPs, & LEED), and resources for Utilizing Peer Support.

2017 Transportation Benefits Toolkit: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 focuses on the basics of Commute Trip Reduction. Includes information on: CTR Law, CTR in Seattle, Employer Services, Program Reporting and Survey, Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Job Description, and more.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Guide

Commuter benefits describe the tax allowances for commuting expenses outlined in IRS Code Section...

2019 Mode Split Study Infographics

Seattle commuters utilized telework, transit and multiple modes to beat the Seattle Squeeze.


Transportation Benefits Toolkit

The toolkit provides vita information on developing a transportation program within your organization.

Bike Commuting 101 Webinar

Get great information on urban riding techniques, staying dry in wet weather, picking a safe route, gearing up for safety and more!


Teleworking (i.e., telecommuting, remote work) allows employees to work from a remote location, whether at home or a satellite office.

Flex Schedule & Compressed Work Week (CWW)

Employers can increase productivity and morale by offering flexible “flex” schedules and /or compressed workweek (CWW) programs.

Employee Incentives

An incentive is anything that motivates someone to take a particular action, especially a desired, premeditated action.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Employee Survey

A survey completed by employees at CTR-affected worksites. Employees answer questions about how they commute. Responses are aggregated and measure progress t

Introduction to Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

Some basics to a successful company TDM program include parking management, promoting carpooling or transit use, providing proper facilities for employees who want to walk, run, or bike to work, and providing flexible scheduling or teleworking opportunities.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) in Seattle

Explore the basics of Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) and learn what makes Seattle's program unique.

COVID-19 Business Resources

The staff at Commute Seattle is here to serve the local business community as we navigate the response to the novel coronavirus together. Our free services for businesses can help you plan safe and efficient commutes for your employees and tenants. We may be remote, but we’re here to help.

Property Manager Toolkit - Transportation Management Plan Services

Learn how Commute Seattle’s transportation experts can help property managers and staff better understand property and tenant regulatory requirements, tenant commute patterns, and transportation programs and services available to Downtown Seattle businesses.

Property Manager Toolkit - Ride Sharing

Learn about RideshareOnline.com, a free service that matches commuters with other people in their area who are looking to share a ride. It provides a secure and confidential way for your tenants to match up with others in your building or those nearby to share the commute.

Property Manager Toolkit - Bicycle Amenities & Services

More and more commuters are choosing to ride to work because bicycling is a healthy, affordable, reliable, sustainable, and fun mode of transportation. The rapid growth in bicycle commuting has led to increased tenant demand for high-quality bicycle amenities and services.

Property Manager Toolkit - ORCA Business Passport for Tenants

Help your tenants’ employees get to work more affordably and conveniently by offering to subsidize the powerful ORCA Business Passport program as part of your leasing package.

Property Manager Toolkit - ORCA Transit Passes

With ORCA (One Regional Card for All), your tenants will have multiple transportation options at their fingertips to encourage non-drive alone commute trips.

Parking Management Strategies

Innovative parking management strategies allow you to better serve your tenants by providing flexible parking options and freeing up parking availability for their clients.

Property Manager Toolkit - Starting a Commute Program

Learn how starting a commute program in your building is a low-cost way to expand your suite of tenant services and amenities.

Seattle Commute Benefits Ordinance Overview Video

Have 20 or more employees? This brief video will give you an overview of who is impacted and how to comply with Seattle's Commuter Benefits Ordinance law.

2019 Center City Commuter Mode Split Survey Results

The Center City Mode Split Survey, conducted biannually, indicates that 6% of downtown employees worked remotely or shifted their schedules to avoid peak-hour commutes, with the total number of these “trip” types tripling since 2010.

Properties & Buildings: Transportation Considerations For a Phased Re-Opening Webinar

We partnered with Seattle 2030 District for a webinar on July 30th to provide perspectives on transportation and commute trends. Building owners and property.

Parking Management Toolkit

   Overview The single most effective way to reduce your company’s DAR is to switch away from monthly parking passes, which incentivize employees to driv


An overview of Transportation Management Programs and the elements that make it up.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program Report Preview

This is a preview of the Seattle Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Biennial Program Report requirement questions! The Program Report is a requirement of Washingto

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law: What is CTR?

What is Commute Trip Reduction?   In 1991, the Washington State Legislature passed the Commute

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