Parking Management Toolkit


The single most effective way to reduce your company’s DAR is to switch away from monthly parking passes, which incentivize employees to drive to work every day rather than consider their best commute
options for the day.

Common Ways to Manage Parking

  •  Switching from monthly parking passes, to daily parking rates, possibly capped at an amount that doesn’t make it prohibitively expensive for employees who have to drive to work every day
  • Priority parking for carpools and/or vanpools
  •  Discounted parking rates for carpools/vanpools
Alternative Parking Management Strategies: 

Free Parking Days: Allow employees who commit to taking an alternative mode into work the ability to park for free 3-5 days a month, giving them flexibility needed to commit to their alternative mode.

 Parking Cash Outs: Offer employees a portion of the cost of the monthly parking
your company pays for their spot if they give up. 

Parking Management Checklist
  • Evaluate your current parking situation. Who manages the parking? How many spots do you? How are parking passes currently structured?
  • Work with your property manager, parking management company, or facilities department  to install necessary pay stations, parking arms or other physical amenities (if needed).
  • Transition from annual or monthly parking passes to weekly and daily parking rates, while rolling out incentives like preferred parking spots, discounted/free parking, or cash-out options for employees who carpool, vanpool, or take other transportation alternatives to work.
  • Work with services that track travel costs and behaviors. Several companies integrate
    with payroll and HR systems including Luum, Paychex, WageWorks and ALICE.

We offer free parking consultations from parking and transportation demand management experts are available to provide technical assistance and advice.

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