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Your commute can be fun! Studies show people who bike and walk express the highest satisfaction with their commutes. Here at Commute Seattle, we believe biking is for anyone! No matter your gender, size, experience, or level of fitness. We’re here to help you get rolling. Read on for our steps for success (& list of resources at the bottom):

1. Recognize that changing your routine can be hard

  • Be realistic about how far you will be willing to bike – consider using transit to help reduce the distance of your commute. All buses in Puget Sound have bike racks on the front (video).
  • You can also take your bike directly onto the Link Light Rail.
  • To start out, consider taking transit to work and just biking home!
  • Do a test ride into the office rather than biking in for the first time before a big meeting.
  • Find a buddy or mentor to ride with (ask around at work or in your neighborhood – a facebook group, buy nothing, at the bike shop)

2. Prepare or choose a bike!

3. Safety refresher

Safety is the top priority!

  • Communicate with drivers and other people on the road by making eye contact and signaling (point left or right tell other road users where you are going).
  • When you are turning and changing lanes:
    • Look back over your shoulder.
    • When turning, you can position yourself in the middle of the lane
    • Don’t feel comfortable? Use the Copenhagen Left
  • Watch this fun and informative video to help you prepare for biking around town.

4. Practice to gain confidence

  • Observation – practice looking to your right and left while riding.
  • Practice looking over your shoulder – knowing what’s actually behind you will help you to feel comfortable while riding.
  • Turning – practice turning confidently to avoid objects or make a turn while riding at speed.
  • Riding with one hand – lift one hand at a time off the handlebars and repeat until you can control your bike with either hand. Watch this short video to learn about signaling with your hands.

5. Navigating Seattle

Google Maps and Apple Maps both have biking layers (Google, Apple) you can use to find bike routes.

You can use these maps hand in hand with the following resources:

Additional Resources


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