Property Manager Toolkit – Starting a Commute Program

Starting a Commute Program

Overview: Starting a commute program in your building is a low-cost way to expand your suite of tenant services and amenities. A building commute program allows you to offer a broad range of options to your tenants that differentiate your property, free up parking availability for visitors and clients, and help achieve your Transportation Management Program (TMP) and sustainability goals.

Property Owner Benefits: There are many benefits to starting a commute program for your tenants:

  • Leverage your location and available transportation service by offering attractive transportation amenities.
  • Attract new tenants with innovative leasing strategies that support sustainable commute options. Meet the needs of large employers subject to CTR Law.
  • Attain TMP goals, sustainability objectives, 2030 District targets and LEED points by reducing the number of tenants who drive alone to work.
  • Free up parking spaces for visitors, customers, carsharing, and other building needs.

Starting a Building Commute Program: Property managers should designate a person to be the Building Transportation Coordinator (BTC) to share information with tenants about available commute options and programs.

Commute programs can include a variety of options and services, including: 

  • Employee transit pass incentives for tenants
  • Encourage or require that your tenants provide subsidies or incentives for active modes of transportation, such as offering telework options, transit passes, etc.
  • Secure bike parking, lockers, and showers
  • Smart parking management strategies
  • Preferred parking for carpools, vanpools, motorcycles, and alternative-fuel vehicles
  • Real-time transportation information screens and websites for tenants
  • Access to carsharing services like Zipcar, Car2Go, and BMW ReachNow

Set goals! Seattle is changing FAST and setting fresh goals each year will help your property keep up with tenant demands, and keep people coming to and through your offices

Contact us for more information on starting a customized commute program for your property. The City’s Transportation Management Program Director’s Rule also offers a template for a building-based commute program.