Property Manager Toolkit – Ride Sharing

Whether it is a commute by carpool, vanpool or vanshare, your tenants can save time, save money, utilize High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, and reduce demand for parking at your building. Fostering connections between commuters, providing preferential parking for HOV vehicles, and participating in ride-share promotions are ways to leverage existing services and improve commute options at your building.

RideshareOnline.com is a FREE service that matches commuters with other people in their area who are looking to share a ride. It provides a secure and confidential way for your tenants to match up with others in your building or those nearby to share the commute. www.RideshareOnline.com makes it easy for your tenants to find a carpool, Vanpool or bicycling partner.

How www.RideshareOnline.com can reduce drive-alone commutes among your tenants

www.RideshareOnline.com is a powerful commute program management tool and a useful resource for promoting and supporting alternatives to driving and commuting alone. Both property managers and employers can create RideshareOnline.com networks that allow transportation coordinators to track and report participants’ commute choices and CO2 emissions over time, and incentivize specific transportation modes.

Services & Support

www.RideshareOnline.com is a commute program management website that includes:

  • Security and confidentiality for everyone who signs up
  • Interactive maps to help your tenants locate the most convenient matches
  • A commute trip calculator for instant feedback on financial and environmental savings
  • A trip calendar that encourages participants to log their commutes for incentives and rewards
  • Ride-matching services for regional events
Benefits to Property Owners
  • A useful tool for managing commute programs, incentives and communications
  • Allows companies to track tenant’s commute choices and provide targeted incentives that encourage specific transportation modes
  • Gives tenants access to state, county and city commuter incentive programs
  • Allows property managers to monitor and report CO2 emission savings from commute trip reduction efforts

Want to learn more about rideshare services? Visit: www.kingcounty.gov/metrovans To learn more about RideshareOnline.com for your building, contact the Rideshare Coordinator at 206-625-4500.