Property Manager Toolkit – ORCA Business Passport for Tenants

Overview: Attract and retain tenants with an innovative lease concession. Help your tenants’ employees get to work more affordably and conveniently by offering to subsidize the powerful ORCA Business Passport program as part of your leasing package. ORCA Business Passport provides tenants with unlimited transportation services on the region’s extensive transit network which includes bus, light rail, commuter rail, water taxi, vanpool and more. Reducing employee transportation costs and providing valuable commuter benefits is important to prospective and renewing tenants.

Why provide ORCA Passport to your tenants?

Fully or partially subsidizing ORCA Business Passport as a lease concession for new and renewing tenants or as a building-wide amenity is a smart business strategy. ORCA Business Passport can help increase tenant satisfaction, reduce tenants’ transportation expenses and support your property’s TMP requirements, LEED performance and 2030 District carbon-reduction goals. When negotiating a leasing package, why not include an amenity that creates real value for tenants and their employees while simultaneously supporting your building’s sustainability goals?

Benefits to Tenants
  • ORCA Business Passport provides a highly valued employee benefit and saves tenants and their employees thousands of dollars in commuter transportation expenses.
  • Unlimited rides allow employees to get to work conveniently and affordably and enjoy transportation benefits after-hours and on weekends.
  • One pass covers all employees’ commute needs, significantly reducing administrative burdens and allowing tenants to offer an equitable transportation benefit to all employees.
  • Helps green business practices and reduce company CO2 emissions.
Benefits to Property Owners
  • Creates an innovative, meaningful, and relatively low-cost amenity that tenants and their employees use and appreciate on a daily basis.
  • Leverages your location. For example, transit benefits are highly valued in Downtown Seattle’s excellent transit service environment and helps attract companies moving to from areas with free or cheap parking.
  • Supports LEED, 2030 District, and TMP goals and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable property management practices.

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