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Kirk Hovenkotter

Executive Director
(206) 613-3230

As the Executive Director of Move Redmond, Kirk led the organization’s work to make it easier to walk, bike, and bus for the 100,000 people who go to work or school in Redmond, Washington. During his six years at TransitCenter, he developed the organization into a nationally recognized leader in transit policy. He advised mayors, county executives, and transit agencies on effective approaches to bus network redesigns and fare policy. He has spoken about ridership trends and what makes transit useful in national outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Governing. He grew up just outside of Redmond, is fluent in Danish, and enjoys film and dance performances in his free time.

Kendle Bjelland

Program Director
(206) 613-3129

Kendle began working in transportation in 2015, developing and launching the ORCA LIFT program at Catholic Community Services. After transitioning to Commute Seattle in 2016, Kendle has supported the ORCA Business, Commute Trip Reduction, and Transportation Management programs, as well as the fee for service and other projects. She has an MPA from the University of Washington and commutes by bus or bike.

Priyadharshini Balan

Transportation Specialist
(206) 613-3126

Priya holds a Bachelor’s in Architecture from India. She started working in transportation during her Master’s program, specifically on projects that focused on integrating smart mobility to aid public transit usage and promoting sustainable transportation options. Since then, she’s been closely involved in researching and working in transportation, including micromobility planning, parking management, curb space management, and transportation demand management. Prior to joining Commute Seattle, Priya worked at the City of Austin’s Transportation Department as a Project Coordinator for the Mobility Demand Management team. Earlier, she was a Research Assistant at UW Seattle and a Postgraduate Researcher at the University at Buffalo.

Zarina Infante

Program Manager
(206) 613-3231

Zarina joins the Commute Seattle team as a Program Manager to work with property managers and large buildings on their sustainable commute programs. She began working in transportation through the world of car-sharing in 2014. Zarina oversaw outreach to local businesses and fostered partnerships to launch innovative mobility programs throughout Seattle. Zarina is from the Bay Area originally and earned her BS in Business Management from San Jose State University. She found her passion in helping people access transportation resources as she witnessed the growing congestion in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Reach out to Zarina to get to know her!

Kurt Winner

Transportation Specialist
(206) 613-3243

Kurt is passionate about public transportation, walking or biking anywhere he can, and educating others. He is dedicated to environmental health and sees efficient public transportation and active commuter infrastructure as keys to creating more equitable mobility while simultaneously decreasing environmental impact. Growing up in Southern California and Portland, Oregon, Kurt graduated with a BS in Geology from Oregon State University in 2013.Prior to Commute Seattle, he worked as an educational assistant at a Portland-area middle school and has most recently spent 5 years in account management, supply chain operations, and analyst roles in Seattle. Kurt commutes by bus or bike.

Bethany Goad

Transportation Specialist
(206) 613-3227

Prior to joining Commute Seattle as a Transportation Specialist, Bethany worked for WeWork overseeing building operations and project management for two buildings in the Seattle-Bellevue area. She holds a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and during her time there, she worked with several local nonprofits dedicated to community resilience against climate change. As a born-and-raised Texan, she loves the walkability and public transit available in Seattle and is passionate about working for everyone to have access to it. Outside of work, you can find her exploring local coffee shops, bookstores, and farmers markets.

Tara Peters

Transportation Specialist
(206) 613-3233

As an avid cyclist and transit user, Tara is excited to join the Commute Seattle team as a Transportation Specialist to help small-mid size businesses implement ORCA benefits for their employees. Tara holds a BA in Art History from the University of Washington and has worked in a number of arts, cultural, and conservation nonprofits. Hailing from a small town on the Olympic Peninsula, Tara continues to be delighted by all she can access by walking, cycling, and bussing across the city. Tara is passionate about making Seattle’s mobility options equitable, sustainable, safe, and joyful.

Noah An

Program Director

Noah recently worked with the White House as an Advance Associate for President Biden, coordinating with the State Department and Secret Service to make sure the President’s trips around the world went off without a hitch. Noah brings unique experience working in Seattle to make transportation and housing more affordable and accessible. He was the Policy Advisor and Committee Director for Seattle City Councilmember Dan Strauss and worked for several other local elected officials prior to that.

Noah will help to shape the work of the Commute Seattle team, amplify the stories of those we work with, and highlight policy opportunities that make getting to work or school in Seattle more affordable and sustainable. In his free time, Noah likes to ski, hike, and backpack his way across the Pacific Northwest.

Lily Sadataki

Education and Outreach Specialist

Lily is excited to join the Commute Seattle team as the Education and Outreach Specialist. They hold a BA in Communication Studies with a minor in music from Northwestern University. Originally from Cleveland, they are involved with the Cleveland Japanese American Foundation and have worked in both arts and cultural nonprofits. As a previous coffee shop manager, Lily looks forward to using their experience to help small to mid-size businesses implement ORCA benefits for their employees. After living in Chicago for the past six years, they are not shy about walking and taking transit. Lily is passionate about helping others and making Seattle’s transit equitable and accessible to all.

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