Commute Seattle is a nonprofit transportation management association that provides education, outreach and consulting services to Downtown Seattle employers and property managers. We also provide assistance to buildings who have Transportation Management Program requirements, employers who participate in the Commute Trip Reduction Program and companies moving to a new location.

Meet Our Team

Kirk Hovenkotter

Executive Director
(206) 613-3230

As the Executive Director of Move Redmond, Kirk led the organization’s work to make it easier to walk, bike, and bus for the 100,000 people who go to work or school in Redmond, Washington. During his six years at TransitCenter, he developed the organization into a nationally recognized leader in transit policy. He advised mayors, county executives, and transit agencies on effective approaches to bus network redesigns and fare policy. He has spoken about ridership trends and what makes transit useful in national outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Governing. He grew up just outside of Redmond, is fluent in Danish, and enjoys film and dance performances in his free time.

Kendle Bjelland

Program Director
(206) 613-3129

Kendle began working in transportation in 2015, developing and launching the ORCA LIFT program at Catholic Community Services. After transitioning to Commute Seattle in 2016, Kendle has supported the ORCA Business, Commute Trip Reduction, and Transportation Management programs, as well as the fee for service and other projects. She has an MPA from the University of Washington and commutes by bus or bike.

Olivia Holden

Program Director
(206) 613-3257

Olivia works as a Program Director to expand travel options programs and policy initiatives. Olivia is originally from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., and earned a BS in Regional Planning from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Olivia moved to America’s bicycle capital, Portland, Ore. in 2015 to pursue a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University. At PSU, Olivia studied the effects of zero parking in multi-family residential housing. Olivia’s passion is breaking down barriers to public systems. Olivia gets around town by e-bike, bus, and foot.

Nick Abel

Program Manager
(206) 613-3233

Nick works with small businesses to provide transportation assistance with a focus on pre-tax employee benefits. A native Oregonian, Nick graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Psychology and spent two years working as a substance abuse therapist before relocating to Seattle to do outreach and marketing for a company that provides vacation opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. After years of direct service experience, Nick found himself passionate about improving systems that directly impact marginalized or at-risk communities and believes in the inherent value of mass transit in the great city of Seattle. Nick commutes to work by bus.

Wren Barulich

Program Manager
(206) 613-3243

Wren collaborates with businesses and property managers in downtown Seattle to provide resources on transportation amenities and help to implement policies that reduce neighborhood congestion. She currently works with businesses that are impacted by the West Seattle Bridge closure. Wren received her BA in the Community, Environment & Planning program at the University of Washington where she specialized in urban historical preservation. She is passionate about the community found within commutes and the indispensable nature of mobility for all. Prior to joining Commute Seattle, she interned in the Service Planning department at Sound Transit and the Events and Programming department at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Wren commutes by rail, bus, bike or foot.

Sarah Udelhofen

Program Manager
(206) 613-3227

Sarah encourages businesses in the downtown commercial core to meet and exceed their Commute Trip Reduction goals. Sarah believes transportation affects every single person’s daily life; she’s eager to find ways to advance urban mobility in order to improve air quality, health, happiness and ease of access to daily necessities. She dreams of a world with equitable access to transportation for all ages, abilities, and incomes. Sarah studied Natural Resources at Cornell University, dabbled in a few environmental passions, then arrived in Seattle on her bike after a cross country ride in 2016. Sarah previously worked at C+C, where she learned the ins and outs of community-based social marketing. You’ll find Sarah guiding her friends on their first bike or bus ride through the city. Sarah commutes by bike or bus.

Madeline Feig

Communications & Events Manager
(206) 909-0827

Madeline manages communications and events at Commute Seattle. A born and raised Seattleite, Madeline received her BA in Psychology and Spanish from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA and worked as an English teacher in southern Spain before returning to Seattle and becoming involved in the world of commuter benefits. Madeline is a proponent of accessible transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in her ever-growing hometown, and envisions sustainable, employer-supported commute options to keep her city moving and thriving.

Priyadharshini Balan

Transportation Specialist
(206) 613-3126

Priya holds a Bachelor’s in Architecture from India. She started working in transportation during her Master’s program, specifically on projects that focused on integrating smart mobility to aid public transit usage and promoting sustainable transportation options. Since then, she’s been closely involved in researching and working in transportation, including micromobility planning, parking management, curb space management, and transportation demand management. Prior to joining Commute Seattle, Priya worked at the City of Austin’s Transportation Department as a Project Coordinator for the Mobility Demand Management team. Earlier, she was a Research Assistant at UW Seattle and a Postgraduate Researcher at the University at Buffalo.

Zarina Infante

Program Manager
(206) 613-3231

Zarina joins the Commute Seattle team as a Program Manager to work with property managers and large buildings on their sustainable commute programs. She began working in transportation through the world of car-sharing in 2014. Zarina oversaw outreach to local businesses and fostered partnerships to launch innovative mobility programs throughout Seattle. Zarina is from the Bay Area originally and earned her BS in Business Management from San Jose State University. She found her passion in helping people access transportation resources as she witnessed the growing congestion in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Reach out to Zarina to get to know her!

Downtown Transportation Alliance

Commute Seattle is supported by the Downtown Transportation Alliance (DTA), comprised of the executive leadership of the Downtown Seattle Association, local and state public agencies and rotating private-sector representation.

Connect with us

We are located in the Denny Triangle neighborhood in the heart of Downtown Seattle.

Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(206) 613-3131

Our office is on the 9th floor of the Tower Building.

1809 7th Avenue #900,
Seattle, WA, 98101


Accessibility & How to Get Here
Our office can easily be accessed by many public transit routes and a short walk from the Westlake Link light rail tunnel. Bike racks are located outside our office on the sidewalk. 


At Commute Seattle our mission is to foster mobility partnerships and services to keep Seattle moving and thriving for all. Through education, advocacy, training and consulting, we are helping create a mobility-supportive business culture to ensure that commuters enjoy world-class benefits and amenities.


Our vision is a more livable and thriving metro region underwritten by broad community commitment to smart mobility choices. Commute Seattle promotes alternatives to driving alone by providing commuters, employers and property managers with information about a variety of commute options and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies.

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