Property Manager Toolkit – Transportation Management Plan Services


A Transportation Management Program (TMP) is a Master Use Permit requirement on private development to mitigate traffic congestion and parking impacts by reducing drive alone automobile and motorcycle trips, otherwise known as single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips. TMPs generally include two parts: 1) an SOV commute rate goal, and 2) a selection of required program elements that are designed to help the building achieve that SOV goal. Some TMPs have unique or parking-based goals that were established with their permit approval.

Commute Seattle’s Transportation Management Plan (TMP) professional services are a comprehensive suite of consulting and outreach services for Downtown properties interested achieving TMP compliance, LEED certification, and transportation sustainability goals.

Do you know what is in your TMP?

Commute Seattle’s transportation experts can help property managers and staff better understand property and tenant regulatory requirements, tenant commute patterns, and transportation programs and services available to Downtown Seattle businesses. We can work with your tenants and parking management to align sustainability objectives with parking revenue goals. Our high-quality outreach events and educational seminars will keep tenants informed about property amenities, commuter resources and upcoming changes to Downtown’s transportation network. Focus on your core business and let Commute Seattle help your property become world-class commuter destination.

Policy & Planning Assistance
  • Comprehensive analysis of tenant Modesplit survey, TMP requirements, existing transportation and parking policies, and commuter patterns at your building.
  • Meetings with tenant reps, parking operators and local regulatory agencies.
  • Service provider referrals for discounts and special offers
  • Record-keeping and BTC training
  • Free BTC training class offerings throughout the year Commuter Outreach
  • Customized maps and outreach materials • Targeted outreach events for commuters and tenant representatives.
  • Free Transportation service provider referrals for discounts and special offers Free Regulatory reporting assistance
  • Survey planning, coordination, and implementation
  • Program report assistance

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