Property Management Toolkit

If your building is a typical Downtown commercial property, 70% of occupants choose not to drive alone to work. They arrive at your building by bus, rail, ferry, bicycle, on foot, or by ridesharing. City-wide, Seattle commuters are increasingly looking for amenities that make getting to and from your building convenient and easy.

As a real estate professional, you know it makes good business sense to deliver
innovative services and amenities that are attractive to your tenants, who are increasingly looking for options to driving alone in traffic. Moreover, providing best-in-class alternative transportation amenities helps differentiate your property and strengthens your sustainability initiatives, which ultimately helps attract and retain tenants.

Whatever your motivation: best-in-class tenant amenities, achieving LEED certification, Transportation Management Program (TMP) compliance, or 2030 District recognition; the ideas, products and services herein will improve your tenants’ commuting experience, mitigate congestion, reduce the environmental impact of tenant transportation, and save you money.