2023 Program Report Requirement

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Commute Trip Reduction, News, Property Managers

Program Reports are due Friday, December 22, 2023. Read on to learn more about this year's Program Report requirements.

Program Report Requirement

Program Reports will be distributed on November 8 and are due Friday, December 22, 2023. Read on to learn more about this year’s Program Report requirements.

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Cognito Forms Tutorial

Check out the video below for more information on how to complete the Program Report 2023 via Cognito Forms. A preview of the questions is available in the FAQ section below.

Every other year, Commute Seattle collects information from large employers and property managers about commuter benefits and other on-site amenities available to their employees and tenants as part of the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) law and Transportation Management Program (TMP) requirement. These program reports offer valuable insights for:

  • Large employers: Information on how CTR employers support sustainable commute options and to be able to understand employees’ travel decision making. You can also see how your 2022 benefits stack up compared to companies in your region or industry with the CTR PowerBI Dashboard.
  • Property managers: Offers information about occupancy of buildings and tenants’ travel behavior based on the transportation amenities offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Program Report?

A standard report that describes the actions CTR-affected companies and TMP-affected buildings have taken during the preceding year and the actions they will take in the coming year to promote alternative commute modes (i.e., non-drive alone). The report helps contextualize employee and tenant commuter habits and regional commuter benefit trends. In short, the Program Report is a workplace facilities, benefits, and amenities report.

2) When do I need to submit a Program Report?

The City of Seattle Commute Trip Reduction program requires affected companies and properties to submit program reports every other year. Program Reports are due Friday, December 22, 2023. You can view all upcoming deadlines in the upcoming requirements section.

3) How often must an employer or property manager submit a CTR/TMP Program Report?

The City of Seattle requires employers subject to state and city CTR requirements, as well as properties subject to a TMP,  to submit a Program Report every other year. We offer an easy online tool to enter this information to make it as easy as possible.

4) How is the Program Report administered?

The CTR and TMP Program Report is administered via an online form using DocuSign. A notification and link will come directly via email to the Employee Transportation Coordinator or Building Transportation Coordinator.

5) Where can I preview the Program Report questions?

We know worksites may need to do research or consult additional people to complete the Program Report. You can preview Program Report questions:

 TMP  Program Report Questions

CTR Program Report Questions

6) What happens after the Program Report is submitted?

Once submitted, Commute Seattle reviews  the Program Report for its completeness, its inclusion of mandatory program elements, and the likelihood it will result in trip reduction. This information is then shared with the City of Seattle staff to meet your commitments to the CTR and TMP requirements.

7) What if I’m a property manager?

For more information about property manager requirements (such as having a Transportation Management Program agreement) view the City’s guide here or contact a Transportation Specialist here at Commute Seattle.

For property managers, please note your program report questionnaire will depend on the property’s specific TMP requirements and may require information from tenants. For additional assistance, please contact Commute Seattle at tmp@commuteseattle.com.

8) What will this information be used for?

In addition to tracking compliance with Washington state’s Commute Trip Reduction Law, employers will be able to see how their offerings compare to industry peers and neighbors in Seattle using the CTR Power BI Dashboard.

9) I need help! Who do I reach out to?

If you need assistance, please contact Commute Seattle at ctr@commuteseattle.com if you are reaching out on behalf of your employer or tmp@commuteseattle.com if you are reaching out on behalf of a property.

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