For Large Businesses: Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

What is Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)?

Commute Trip Reduction is a state law passed in 1991 that requires large employers (100+ employees) to mitigate the traffic impacts of their business by working to reduce driving. Local jurisdictions administer this state law, so the City regulates the State Commute Trip Reduction Law. For more information on the Commute Trip Reduction law, visit SDOT’s resource for in-depth details on the program.

  • Conducting and submitting a biennual Commute Survey to employees 
  • Submitting a Program Report
  • Maintaining an appointed “Employee Transportation Coordinator” or ETC for short
  • Exercising a good faith effort to reduce driving to and from the worksite

Learn more about CTR Telework and Remote Work Policy here

Upcoming Requirements


The City of Seattle CTR Program requires affected worksites to submit program reports every other year. Program Reports will be sent to ETCs by Commute Seattle and complete via Cognito Forms in November 2023 and are due by December 22nd, 2023. Learn more about the program report requirement here.

  • 10/9 – 11/3/2023: Resurvey period (only for worksites that failed to meet their 2022 survey requirement)
  • 12/22/2023: Program Reports due 

Current Participants We Work With

Check out some of our success stories below!


“Commute Seattle has been essential in our efforts to translate the CTR law and its implications into meaningful programs. We have been able to move the dial by using advice from their commute experts to build creative, low cost programs that help our employees drive less.”

– Tableau

“Steer is thankful for the great partnership we’ve fostered with Commute Seattle. It’s evident in their high-quality work and in their comprehensive knowledge of the industry and regional best practices for commuter programs and transportation demand management regulatory compliance.”

– Steer

“Commute Seattle is a fabulous resource. They are great thought partners, communicate well and connect employers and ideas.”

– Grange Insurance Association

– Port of Seattle

Could you be our next annual champion?

A little friendly competition in the name of transportation never hurt! Each year, Seattle businesses are recognized as Commute Trip Reduction Champions for their dedication to improving employee commutes in Seattle, along with their success in Commute Trip Reduction. We gather to celebrate Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) and hear best practices from our Champions.

As an employer, your submission of the Program Report, engagement with Commute Seattle, transportation benefits provided and continued and sustained reduction in Drive Alone Rates (DAR) will contribute to your recognition level within the CTR Champions program. Learn more about SDOT’s CTR Champions program.

How We Can Help

    Here at Commute Seattle, we provide comprehensive regulatory support for businesses like yours who are affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law. 

    We understand that complying with regulations can be a complex and confusing process, but we’re here both to make it easy for you and to maximize the value you can get from your employer commute programs. 

    Our Services

    • Regulatory compliance with the Washington State Commute Trip Reduction Law and Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 25.02 
    • Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) education and coaching
    • Educational seminars and networking opportunities for ETC’s and their employees 
    • Customized transportation consultations to help create and manage a successful employee commute program 
    • Information on commute options, resources, and incentives, including emerging technologies and new mobility 
    • Information on transportation infrastructure and service changes such as new light rail and bus route changes improving access and mobility to and within downtown


    Our Team

    Contact one of our Commute Trip Reduction Specialists today to get started:

    Kurt Winner

    Research Analyst
    (206) 613-3243

    Zarina Infante

    Program Manager
    (206) 613-3231

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    If you have questions about Commute Trip Reduction, such as how to meet your requirements or how to start and maintain an employer commute program, checkout out our resource library.

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