Transportation Management Program Seminar Recap

by | Dec 14, 2020 | News, Property Managers

Updates on the City of Seattle's Transportation Management Program were virtual this year. Read below for more on our conversation with experts from Seattle 2030 District, Clise Properties, and Urban Renaissance Group.

In the past, the Transportation Management Program Seminar was a half day event for property managers featuring educational sessions on sustainable transportation and changing trends in the industry. This year, like so much else, the event went virtual. But, was still jammed packed with new information and tips and tricks to relay to tenants.

Matthew Combe with the Seattle 2030 District focused on climate urgency and the limited amount of time we have to reduce our carbon emissions. 260 buildings in Seattle have committed to climate action goals that we have 9 years to achieve.

Ben Rosenblatt with SDOT focused on updates to the TMP Director’s rule regarding bicycle parking and soon-to-be launched ‘electrification blueprint outlining how we can achieve “9 out of 10 trips to be zero-emission by 2030.”

Our very own, Olivia Holden, provided context to the transportation landscape and changes to our transit system. Telework has proven to be a solution for many, but it is not a magic bullet for all. Today, over 150,000 transit trips are taken to meet people’s daily needs. As buildings reopen and more tenants return, it’s critical for property managers to strongly encourage multi-modal commute options, but also help articulate transit is essential to making our city move and thrive.

Sabrina Villanueva with Clise Properties and Jim Long with Urban Renaissance Group provided insights to what they are hearing from tenants, and strides they have taken to keep buildings clean, safe, and ready for tenants return. From simple things like increased signage and wayfinding, to more complex technologies like apps and reservations systems, continue to be innovative and think creatively.

A great group of people attended the event, this is what we heard from them:

  • About 25% of participants had never been to our annual TMP Seminar before
  • Building occupancy is currently limited but most still see at least 10% of people on site
  • People were most interested in diving deeper into a webinar specific to transit and implementing electric charging stations

Find out more by watching the event below and stay connected with our future events.

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