Tips to #LightUpYourTrip this Winter

by | Dec 9, 2020 | News

Seattleites are professionals at getting through winter AND enjoying it. Read on for some inspiration to brighten up your winter trips!
Getting around town is an essential part of life – whether it’s for work, appointments, errands, to see family or for fun activities. We encourage Seattleites to utilize a variety of options for getting around: walking, biking, running, bus, light rail, carpool and more!

While we might long for the glorious sun-filled days of summer, there are plenty of ways to brighten up those dark and rainy days while maintaining your active trips in the winter.

This November, we asked you to share how you plan to #LightUpYourTrip this winter. We received a ton of creative and inspiring submissions! Read on for some motivation from your peers.

The #1 way to brighten a trip is to pop in some headphones or turn on the radio!
  • I’m going to brighten up my rides by finding new music to accompany the winter scenery!
  • I carpool and we listen to a local radio station that does funny stuff to give us some laughs!
  • I bundle up and listen to music while walking from the Sounder train to the office.
  • I’ll be playing all the music I missed seeing live this summer and get my groove on while running!
A close second is adding humor to the day with podcasts or letting yourself get lost in a book (don’t miss your stop, though!):
  • Walking is my reprieve in these times of quarantine. I brighten my walks with my favorite comedy podcasts, which are a wonderful (albeit temporary) escape from current reality.
  • I love to read mystery books from the Seattle Public Library during my bus commute!
  • I have my coordinated gloves and scarves, my celebrity podcasts, my wireless headphones, my boots with tread, my puffy jacket, and my Orca card. I’m prepared and looking forward to the Seattle winter!
Often, trips or a casual meander offer a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones and furry friends:
  • Lunch time walks are made all the better when the whole family can join!
  • I plan to brighten up my winter trips by walking the dogs on Stay Healthy Streets!
  • The buddy system – having somebody to help watch your back is great for good company and feeling safe.
Active modes of travel help lift your spirits and keep you healthy (endorphins for the win!):
  • My bicycle ride to work is the best way to relax and focus. So much better than sitting in West Seattle traffic! No matter how stressful the day might be, my ride home makes it all fade away and I get to enjoy my city and explore my neighborhood more!
  • Since I started commuting by bicycle, my wife has already gotten her own bike and we have discovered riding together as a great way to enjoy our weekends!
  • I plan to brighten up my daily walks by continuing to do them, rain or shine, which has proven to brighten my mood during the difficulties of the pandemic.
A study published in June of 2019 found that those who spent two cumulative hours in nature a week were generally considered healthier than those who spent less time outside – these people have taken this to heart:
  • I will give myself extra time to walk instead of drive to the park and ride to give myself some fresh air and exercise in the morning
  • My son, my two miniature dachshunds, and I walk a beautiful trail along the water together and it’s the highlight of my day! It’s our opportunity to catch up and connect while getting our much-needed fresh air.
  • Taking an hour on the trail with some music and my daughter in tow is a great way to get exercise in the fall.
Many of you find it very helpful to gather your winter gear or pick one key item to purchase that will improve your life during the rainy season:
  • I put my neon safety vest by the door with a flashing light in the pocket for walking at night / early morning with the dog!
  • I plan to wear my full reflective sneakers! That way cars can see me in the dark and I look stylish!
  • My family is purchasing some rain gear so we can continue to pedal through the cold/wet months. It’s the best way to get around West Seattle!
  • I plan to get a good bike light so I can see, and be seen, on my way home.
  • I’ve got a string of battery powered lights, I wrap them around my arm when I walk the dog and/or ride my bike on dark nights and days.
Finally, a “can do” attitude can go a long way to brighten up your experience throughout winter:
  • I just try to get out whenever I can! It’s important to get out every day!
  • I’ll just keep riding. I’ve got all my lights on the chargers (bar, helmet, and red on the saddlebag) and I’ve pulled out my Gore rain cape to get ready.
  • I bought an e-bike! My commute is about 8 miles, so my road bike was a bit too hard to do daily; but the e-bike makes it easy!
  • I am no longer commuting (WFH) but still dropping littles off at daycare on the cargo bike!
You all are professionals at getting through winter in Seattle AND enjoying it! If you’re looking to discuss ways to get around town or strategies to focus on at your workplace, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Commute Seattle team.

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