Commuter Spotlight Campaign

by | Mar 30, 2022 | News, Resources

Climate-friendly commutes are for everyone! No matter who you are, where you live, what company you work for, and what your work schedule is, there are commute solutions to fit your needs. Commute Seattle asked these Seattle commuters to tell their commute story, share tips and tricks, and encourage others to try new commute options.

Scott Nakamoto, Coffee Curator @ Bean Box

Scott Nakamoto works as a Coffee Curator for Bean Box, a coffee subscription service located in Seattle. Scott commutes by bicycle from his home in the Central District to his worksite in SODO. His favorite parts of his commute include trying new routes and protected bike trails, zipping down hills, and having the ability to take the Link Light Rail back up the hill some afternoons. 

Commuter Spotlight: Sean, DocuSign

Sean Sanford commutes from West Seattle to his worksite in downtown Seattle via the King County Water Taxi. He enjoys the efficiency of his trip, being able to avoid traffic, and having a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about Sean’s commute story!

Commuter Spotlight: Ann, Renaissance Hotel

Meet Ann Vandehey, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel. Ann lives in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, and enjoys her walking commute through downtown Seattle because it allows her to experience the city and get moving before each work day. Learn more about Ann’s commute story and get inspired to try your own walking commute!

Commuter Spotlight: Bridgette, Central Cafe

Bridgette Johnson is the owner of the Central Cafe & Juice Bar in Seattle’s Central District. When she began the process of searching for a location for her business, she wanted to make sure she was close enough to her home that she could walk to work. Learn more about Bridgette’s commute story and get inspired to try your own walking commute!

Commuter Spotlight: Jessica, Teacher

Meet Jessica Levine, a middle school science teacher who commutes by bike from the Central District to Ravenna. Jessica’s commute story ties her love for experiencing the city to her passion for protecting the planet and inspiring future generations to do the same. Learn more about Jessica and get inspired to try your own bike commute!

Commuter Spotlight: Ivan, Harborview Medical Center

Meet Ivan Fabic, a respiratory therapist at Harborview Medical Center. Ivan commutes by bike from his home in Ballard to his First Hill worksite. He works the night shift, so he leaves for work around 5pm and heads home around 7am. Even in a Seattle downpour, Ivan’s commute provides a way for him to unwind before and after his shift – he thinks it’s even better than coffee! Check out Ivan’s commute story and get inspired to try your own bike commute.

Commuter Spotlight: Tom, Google

Meet Tom Johnson, a technical writer at Google. Tom has a long commute; he lives in Renton, and his worksite is in Fremont. Instead of defaulting to driving, Tom got creative and planned a multimodal trip that involves a quick drive to a nearby Park & Ride, the Link Light Rail, and a bike ride along the Burke Gilman Trail. Learn more and get inspired to try your own multimodal commute!

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