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by | Nov 1, 2022 | News

Commute Seattle is thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Tara Peters! Learn more about Tara and get in touch to talk about ORCA transit benefits.

Commute Seattle is thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Tara Peters (she/they)! As an avid cyclist and transit user, Tara is excited to join the Commute Seattle team as a Transportation Specialist to help small and mid-size businesses implement ORCA benefits for their employees.

Tara holds a BA in Art History from the University of Washington and has worked in a number of arts, cultural, and conservation nonprofits. Hailing from a small town on the Olympic Peninsula, Tara continues to be delighted by all she can access by walking, cycling, and bussing across the city. Tara is passionate about making Seattle’s mobility options equitable, sustainable, safe, and joyful.

Want to know more? Here are some fun facts about me:

  • This summer I visited 5 lighthouses with my brother and sister
  • I acquired a mountain bike during the pandemic and have been slowly exploring our region’s trails. One of my favorite no-car-needed trips is taking the fast ferry to Kingston and riding out to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.
  • I have a telescope that I am still figuring out how to use. I love to learn about the stars and ponder the vastness of our universe.
  • I have a cat named Catsy Cline and 3 bikes nicknamed after other women in country (Emmylou, Dolly, and Tanya “Trucker”)

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