Seattle Voters Stand Up for Transit

by | Nov 10, 2020 | News

Seattle voters overwhelmingly support renewed investments in transit, reaffirming our community’s commitment to caring for the environment and each other.
In a year where transit ridership has suffered staggering blows and agencies face critical shortfalls with little hope of near-term federal relief, voters have stood up for transit. 

In Seattle, the six-year Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) proposition passed with record-breaking approval. For Seattleites, this means continued investment in the backbone of our commute culture, with a particular emphasis on essential workers, low-income communities and those impacted by the West Seattle Bridge closure. For a modest sales tax increase equivalent to an additional five cents on every $100 purchase, Seattle transit riders can expect:

  • Safe, efficient and frequent transit for more Seattleites, particularly essential workers and low-income riders
  • A robust, connected transit system in Seattle
  • Capital investments that address acute mobility needs in areas such as West Seattle 
  • A free ORCA transit pass in the hand of every public high school student

According to StreetsBlog, 13 out of 17 major transit measures on state and local ballots across the US passed last week. These wins have demonstrated that more than ever, people are recognizing the key role that transit plays in serving essential workers and driving economic recovery. 

The success of Proposition One is more than just a win for transit; it is a demonstration of our community’s commitment to fighting climate change, caring for our neighbors and persevering in the face of adversity. Commute Seattle honors those who advocated for the renewal of the Seattle Transportation Benefit District, the essential workers who keep transit operating for those who need it and every one of you who voted to maintain Seattle’s commitment to sustainable mobility for all. 

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