Policy Brief: Seattle’s E-Bike Rebate Opportunity

by | Jul 7, 2023 | News

In Commute Seattle's first ever policy paper, we examine the boom in e-bike ridership, highlight Denver's successful e-bike rebate, and identify policy opportunities for Seattle.

E-bike ridership continues to grow in Seattle. With transportation being a top source of planet-warming emissions, e-bikes offer a more affordable solution than electric vehicles. E-bikes emit 97% less than electric vehicles, and cost 70% less to operate.

Commute Seattle’s first ever policy brief takes a closer look at Seattle Commute Survey data to see who today’s e-bike riders are, and highlights the results of Denver’s highly successful e-bike rebate progam.

On the heels of the Washington State legislature’s exciting $5 million investment in a statewide e-bike rebate, we identify opportunities for policymakers here in Seattle to continue the momentum, including additional funding, local rebates, sales tax exemptions, infrastructure investments, and more.

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