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Choice allows employers to load a dollar amount or a variety of passes, including..

ORCA Business Choice provides total flexibility for employers and employees.


This program offers multiple products on a single ORCA card, including monthly passes, e-purse or e-voucher.


Business Choice Includes:

  • Monthly transit passes at retail prices for bus, train, ferry or Metro vanpool.
  • Access to all regular bus services on Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit
  • Access to regular Sound Transit Link light rail service
  • Access to Sounder commuter rail
  • Access to Washington State Ferries
  • Access to Seattle Center Monorail
  • E-purse option – Employees use stored value to pay for travel on a per-trip basis or convert to monthly pass
  • E-voucher option – Employees convert to E-purse or monthly pass and if unused, E-vouchers are eligible for a credit to the employer

Benefits for Employers:

  • Purchase ORCA cards and load or reload value monthly, or as needed, online
  • Load multiple ORCA products (like E-purse or E-voucher ) onto a single ORCA card
  • Provide cards only to those employees using transit services
  • Provide a subsidy and/or Pre-Tax benefit to employees
  • Flexibility to change products from month to month
  • Conveniently pre-pay online via credit card or by mailing a company check
  • Replace lost or stolen cards to transfer products to new cards using online replacement transactions.

Benefits for Employees:

  • Load bus, train, ferry and Metro vanpool passes, and per-trip fares on one card.
  • Conveniently convert the E-voucher to E-purse and pay for travel on a per-trip basis or convert to a monthly pass
  • Add value to cover the cost difference between the employer-sponsored subsidy and the total cost of the desired product or fare
  • Ability to register cards. If a card is lost or stolen, the card can then be replaced with a replacement transaction and the value issued to a new unused card


Sign up for ORCA Business Choice online with King County Metro

Combine ORCA with Pre-Tax to save your business and employees even more! Find out how in our TAX-FREE COMMUTER BENEFITS GUIDE, or by contacting Pre-Tax@commuteseattle.com for a free walk-through.



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