Connecting Your West Seattle Employees

West Seattle Bridge Closure

The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closed to all traffic on March 23, 2020. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is working to repair the bridge, with re-opening slated for mid-2022.

Traffic and connectivity to and from West Seattle and nearby Duwamish Valley communities continues to be severely impacted, with travel lanes over the Duwamish reduced to 12 lanes for personal vehicles (compared to 21 before).

Below, you will find updates, programs, and projects to help residents get to and from the peninsula.

Commuting Options For West Seattle Staff

Flip Your Trip

SDOT’s “Flip Your Trip West Seattle” campaign is live! West Seattle residents that replace car trips to/from West Seattle with biking, scooting, transit, and staying local can earn points by downloading the Transit Go Rewards App. This campaign will provide education, events, trip planning support, and incentives.

The new Transit Go Rewards app encourages participants to earn rewards points by taking qualifying trips on transit or micromobility, which they can use toward future free trips. Questions? reach out to Sarah Spicer.

Travel Options

SDOT has a growing hub of information on different ways to travel to, from, and throughout the West Seattle peninsula.

Help your staff walk, roll, bike, scoot, ride transit/rideshare, or travel at off-peak times. These options help minimize impacts to communities located along major detour routes.

1 Month of Free Vanpool

Start a new Metro Vanpool with 2 or more commuters and get the first month FREE! Promotion runs until mid-2022 when high bridge reopens or while supplies last.

View the promo eligibility and Steps to Get Started, a map of Vanpools in Seattle, and email Vanpool at King County Metro with questions.

Low Bridge Restrictions

Please do not drive on the Low Bridge (“don’t go low”) if you’re not authorized to use the Low Bridge during restricted hours. You will get a $75 citation for every unauthorized trip across.

Read the full Low Bridge Access Policy.

Groups Eligible for Access to Low Bridge

Certain groups can submit a Low Bridge access request form to SDOT to gain access to the Low Bridge. Check the eligibility requirements before applying.

If you have questions about this policy, contact the SDOT team at lowbridgeaccess@seattle.gov

West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force (CTF)

The West Seattle Bridge CTF ensures the many voices and concerns of the community are not only heard, but consistently advocated for. Meetings are recorded – view upcoming and past meetings here.

Employer Resource Group

This group meets monthly to discuss employer and commuter-specific issues and opportunities around the closure with SDOT and partners; reach out to Sarah Spicer at SDOT for more information.

How We Can Help

Free Consulting Services

Do you have questions about how to get around now that the West Seattle bridge is closed? We can help your business craft customized commute solutions. We offer free consulting services to any business in Downtown Seattle. Services include but are not limited to employee surveys, policy crafting, implementation, management tools and educational seminars.  

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Tools in Your Toolbox

Do you have employees or a business located in West Seattle? It’s time to look at what tools you have for getting these employees to work stress-free. We can help you with this and walk you through tools such as the following:
  • Telework: Allow employees to skip a commute trip altogether and work remotely, either from home or another location.
  • Public Transit: The quickest way to downtown and other destinations! Transit is given priority access on the low bridge. Provide ORCA passes to your employees so they can get to work smoothly. Learn more about ORCA for Business. 
  • HOV (high occupancy vehicle) options: Certain groups such as vanpool, rideshare, and shuttles can get access to the Low Bridge. These groups must submit a Low Bridge access request form to SDOT to gain access to the Low Bridge. Check the eligibility requirements before applying.
  • Active Commuting: People walking, riding bikes, and riding e-bikes are able to cross the low bridge. Join the bike boom! It’s one of the most efficient ways to move through the city (and have fun while you’re at it).
  • Micromobility: We mean scooters and bike share. These are amazing options to connect to transit and the water taxi. Click here to see what services are available!