Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Basic Training Presentation

Transportation in Seattle

  • Affects every resident’s daily life
  • Incredibly important to get where we need to go as smoothly as possible – to work, friends, families, activities
  • Impacts our physical health, happiness, and environmental health

90,000 jobs added to downtown between 2010 & 2019!

This leads to more people commuting downtown, more traffic, more frustration, etc.

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Sources of Washington greenhouse gases in 2017,
WA Department of Ecology

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Commute Seattle

  • Transportation Management Association (TMA)
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Business and government working together

Commute Seattle works to foster mobility partnerships and services to keep Seattle moving and thriving for all.

Commute Trip Reduction

A law passed in 1991 with goals to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, & reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Under this law, worksites with 100 or more employees must:

  • Appoint an ETC
  • Survey (every 2 years)
  • Program Report (every 2 years)
  • Exercise a ‘good faith’ effort

Jobs Up, Drive Alone Down Since 2010

The below efforts are tracked with “Drive Alone Rate”

Mode Split Data

The following data is released every 2 years. 

Commute Trip Reduction Network Targets

Employee Transportation Coordinator Responsibilities

Per the municipal code:

  • Administer survey (odd years) and complete program report (even years)
  • Serve as the primary contact between the employer and the City/Commute Seattle
  • Promote the employer’s CTR program
  • Participate in at least four events (such as trainings, meetings, etc.) offered through the Department’s CTR program annually
  • Forward the E-Blast to staff, distribute pertinent commute information

Step 1: Administering the City Survey

The City Survey is always administered on odd years. (e.g. The next year would be 2021.)

  • Employee commuter surveys
  • Administer with WSDOT CTR survey tool – (online or paper)
  • Survey for 2 weeks: 50% minimum response rate (70% ideal)
  • Schedule survey
  • Notify and instruct employees
  • Send reminders to staff
  • WSDOT, SDOT, and Commute Seattle process results

WSDOT Survey Website

Step 2: Completing the Program Report

The Program Report is always administered on even years. (e.g. The next Program Report is due 2020.)

  • Questionnaire filled out by ETC every other year
  • Asks about what transportation benefits and infrastructure you provide your employees
  • Provide a copy of what is distributed to employees
  • Commute Seattle will reach out about this in Aug. Due by Oct 1, 2020.

Step 3: Educating Staff

  • Forward Commute Seattle’s weekly E-Blast to staff
  • Let staff you know you are the person they can turn to about commute-related questions / concerns
  • Reach out to Commute Seattle for resources and answers to questions
  • Distribute pertinent commute information
  • Participate in events, trainings, programming

Examples of Staff Education

Best Practices for Companies



    • Pre-tax commuter benefits
    • ORCA business passport
    • Ensure HR policies don’t penalize employees who take transit

    Walking & Biking:

    • Provide adequate showers and lockers for active commuters
    • Visible, secure bike racks or bike cages
    • Ensure everyone knows how to access these lockers
    • Don’t bike to work? Find and designate a bike captain!


    • Charge for parking
    • Switch to daily rates over monthly rates
    • Set parking policies and signage to                                                                        encourage carpooling and vanpooling
    • Parking cash-out options


    • Identify teams and departments who could benefit from telework or compressed schedules
    • Listen to and work with executives who may be skeptical
    • Ensure managers know and support flexible schedules

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