Now Available: Add Tap to Ride with Google Pay to your ORCA Business Account  

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Business Owners, News, ORCA

Businesses can now offer their employees the option to convert their plastic ORCA card to a digital ORCA card.

ORCA is now available for individuals to access in Google Wallet from Android and Wear OS devices! Businesses can choose to offer cardholders the option to convert their plastic business-issued ORCA card into a digital ORCA card in Google Wallet.  

Existing business account customers must opt-in to this feature. Once your business opts in, individuals can then convert their plastic card to a digital one. 

What you need to know: 

  • Your business has the choice to opt-in to this feature at any time. If you do not wish to offer this feature, no action is required. 
  • If you do not opt-in to this feature and your employee attempts to convert their physical card to a digital one in Google Wallet, they will not be able to do so.  
  • If your business would like to opt-in, the first step is to review the contract addendum (Passport Accounts) or updated terms of use (Choice Accounts) and then complete an opt-in form. You can access the Opt-In form for Passport Accounts here and the Opt-in Form for Choice Accounts here. 
  • A Business Account Representative will reach out after you submit your form to notify you when ORCA on Google Pay has been enabled.  
  • Plastic cards will continue to be issued for new and replacement cards after you opt-in. Cardholders can then convert their plastic card in Google Wallet at no additional cost. You will not be able to convert a physical card to a digital card on behalf of your employee. 
  • For security purposes, once a plastic card is converted to a digital card, that plastic card will be permanently deactivated and cannot be reissued to a different employee. 
  • When a cardholder converts a plastic card to a digital one, the new digital ORCA card replaces the old plastic card in the system and will have a new card number. 

Helpful Guides and FAQ’s: 

  • Cardholder Communications Guide – Tips for Communicating with your Cardholders if you plan to opt-in at launch, shortly afterward, not now, or never. 

Paying for transit with digital wallets has been one of the most requested features from ORCA customers. A digital ORCA card is contactless and convenient. With ORCA on Google Pay, customers can use several Android devices that they already carry with them, such as phones and smartwatches, to pay for transit. 

This feature is only available on Android devices at this time. ORCA recognizes the convenience of mobile payments and is committed to bringing this feature to all customers in the future. Be sure to follow our partners on social media at @TheORCACard and keep an eye out on our blog for the latest updates. 


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