What is Flexwork?

Flexwork is a holistic suite of workplace policies, allowing commuters to avoid travel during peak commute hours.

Flexwork policies include:

  • Telework/Remote Work: allows employees to skip a commute trip and work remotely, either from home or another location.
  • Flexible Scheduling: shift commute trips out of peak commuting hours (aka rush hour) to avoid congestion on roads or transit.
  • Compressed Work Week: allows an employee to work a traditional 35-40 hour workweek in less than the traditional number of workdays.
  • Satellite Office: establishes a work location that is physically separate from an employer’s main office, shortening or simplifying commute trips for a nearby concentration of employees.
  • Company Culture Focus: Develop opportunities to retain company culture through virtual hangouts and events.

Can my business Flexwork?

Businesses of all sizes, locations and industries can implement Flexwork policies! Many companies start with pilot programs to evaluate which positions or teams are best suited for Flexwork options.

Flexwork Benefits

Implementing Flexwork can result in a number of benefits including:

  • Employee recruitment, retention and work/life balance
  • Workplace productivity
  • Environmental impact
  • Cost savings for business and commuters
  • Reduce the need for office space
  • Schedule flexibility

How We Can Help

Free Consulting Services

We can help your business craft customized Flexwork solutions. We offer free consulting services to any business in Seattle. Services include but are not limited to employee surveys, policy crafting, implementation, management tools and educational seminars.

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