Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Dashboard

What is the dashboard?

Our Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Tableau Dashboard visualizes worksite information for both requirements in the Commute Trip Reduction Program: the commuter survey and the facilities and benefits program report.

How the Dashboard Can Help With COVID-19

This tool provides a company an individualized comparison based on their industry and location – honing in on commute program opportunities. It also paints a picture of how your colleagues traveled to work before the pandemic and by doing so, it can help you prepare for your worksite’s current and future commute needs.

How ETCs use the dashboard?

The most frequently asked questions from Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) are what other employers are doing and offering in their commute program. Commute Seattle most often hears:

  • “What do my industry competitors offer?
  • “How can our company be more competitive with our commute program?”
  • “How many companies charge their employees for parking?”
  • “How many companies offer ORCA transit passes?
  • “What employers nearby offer vanpool? Can we do any ride-matching?”
  • “How many have showers and lockers for their active commuters?”

The CTR Tableau Dashboard helps ETCs answer these types of questions. It also provides their company an individualized comparison based on their industry and location.

How We Can Help

Contact our CTR team for questions or to obtain your employer’s login information. Learn more about the Washington Commute Trip Reduction Law.

Login & Usage

All CTR affected employers have access to the full employer level data.  You can Login to your Tableau Dashboard here. For an overview of the dashboard features and data, check out this quick video tutorial.

How to Login

Click on the link to open the landing page and paste in your password in the CTR access code (which is provided by us, Commute Seattle) making sure there are no spaces afterward. You should see icons populate for the Commuter Survey Data and the Program Report Comparison.

Note: Some accounts that are new to the program or haven’t completed the CTR requirement may only see one icon populate on the landing page.

Login Credentials: Before logging in you will need to obtain your login credentials. This will be provided by us, Commute Seattle. If you do not have your login credentials please reach out to your designated Transportation Specialist.

Thanks to our mobility partners!

Commute Seattle partnered with Tableau, SDOT and WSDOT to develop this interactive Tableau dashboard. The dashboard utilizes your most recent performance data (from CTR surveys) and program data (from past CTR Program Reports) to create a convenient self-service tool.

Seattle Commute Trip Reduction Heat Map