Property Manager Toolkit – Car Sharing


Offer your tenants the convenience of having car sharing vehicles available for all of their transportation needs. Car sharing services like Zipcar, Car2Go, and BMW ReachNow offer affordable rental rates by the hour or by the minute for cars conveniently located throughout Seattle. Car sharing allows employees to reserve a vehicle online or by phone and drive away, 24 hours a day. Whether for a 10-minute hop across town, a 3-hour client meeting, or a commute alternative, car sharing services provide tenants with the flexibility to leave their own vehicle at home. Businesses are increasingly using car sharing services to provide mid-day transportation options for employees, or to replace their own fleet of company vehicles.

How car sharing will reduce drive-alone commutes among your tenants

Providing onsite car sharing vehicles and discount car sharing membership options to tenants enables them to leave their car at home and still have a vehicle available at the office for off-site meetings, appointments, and errands.

  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering your tenants convenient access to a variety of vehicles during the day.
  • Allow tenants to save money by replacing their company fleet with car sharing vehicles.
  • Support Commute Trip Reduction efforts by your larger employer tenants by enabling their commuters to bus, bike or vanpool to work and still have a car available at the office.

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