Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Employee Survey

A survey completed by employees at CTR-affected worksites. Employees answer questions about how they commute. Responses are aggregated and measure progress towards work site Drive Alone Rate reduction goals.

The state-provided Employee Questionnaire is available in paper or online format and takes about 5 minutes.

Who administers the Survey?

The designated work site ETC distributes and collects the surveys.

How often must an employer complete a CTR employee survey?

The City of Seattle requires CTR-affected employers to administer an employee survey biennially on odd years. Newly affected worksites must complete their first employee survey within 90 days of becoming affected by the Law.

Worksites that do not obtain the minimum required 50% employee response rate will field the survey again at a date agreed upon with Commute Seattle & SDOT.


What is the Survey Report?

WSDOT processes the surveys and Commute Seattle provides the results to ETCs. The Survey Report includes your worksite’s overall Drive Alone Rate (DAR) and progresses towards your DAR goal, how employees commute, why employees choose these commute options, where employees commute from, and responses to any supplemental questions requested by the employer.

Section of Survey Report


Inform your leadership and supervisors of the survey at least two months in advance (some worksites will need additional time).

Confirm a date to start the survey with Commute Seattle.

Attend a Commute Seattle survey training.

Revise employee communications as needed.

Arrange for incentives for employees who complete the survey.

If conducting the online survey, prepare the online account with either domain or individual email information.

If conducting the paper survey, determine how you will distribute and collect paper surveys.

The day the survey starts, send a notification to employees, and plan time to respond to questions.

The week of the survey, check the completion rate and send reminders to employees and supervisors.

Notify Commute Seattle when you have reached the required response rate and are ready for the survey to be closed (if online) or collected (if paper).

Resources for Further Learning

CTR Survey Template

CTR Survey Report

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