2021 Transit Service Updates and More Travel Options

King County Metro
Link Light Rail
  • Starting October 2, there will be more ways to access Link than ever before! Bus routes and maps are available here.
  • Northgate Link is coming! Find information about route changes and access improvements on this Commute Seattle blog.
  • Starting July 3normal passenger capacity will resume on Link light rail.
  • Check out the map and schedule.  Additionally, be sure to get familiar with the new line names. You can also watch how the Link system will change over time on YouTube.
  • Has it been a long time since your last ride on Link? Here’s a refresher of what to know before you ride and remember to follow the Safety and COVID-19 guidelines.
Sound Transit Express & Sounder
Water Taxi & Ferries
For West Seattle Staff

Check out our resource page and contact us for free assistance with a mitigation plan during the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure.

For Essential Workers

Free scooter rides and Vanpool: Commuting Resources for Essential Workers

Puget Sound Regional Transit

Northgate Link Expansion:

      • Community Transit will redirect its 800-series bus routes to connect to the 1 Line (Link) at Northgate Station instead of going to the U District and University of Washington.
      • Making this connection allows Community Transit to add 48 trips to its 800-series routes, mostly to improve bus frequency back to Snohomish County in the afternoon and evening.
      • Sound Transit Routes 511, 512, and 513 that currently run between Everett and Seattle will also connect to light rail at Northgate. People traveling to the UW, downtown Seattle or anywhere along the 1 Line can use any of these routes to connect to light rail.
      • Route 512 will begin serving Northgate on Saturday, Oct. 2. The other routes mentioned above will start serving Northgate on Monday, Oct. 4.
      • Community Transit 400-series routes and Sound Transit Route 510 will continue to provide direct bus service between Snohomish County and downtown Seattle
  • Pierce Transit: September 19, 2021 Service Change
  • Intercity Transit: Routes – Effective June 13, 2021
  • Kitsap Transit: Routed Buses
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More Travel Options

Share this PDF flyer with your teammates or tenants to refresh their memory about their options for getting to work (and around town!)

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Interested in learning about how transit service, capitol projects, and transit access programs are funded?

Learn more about the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) from the Seattle Department of Transportation.

2021 Regional Return to Work Survey

Results from our 2021 Regional Return to Work Survey and Opportunities for Building Back Better Commutes and what transit agencies are doing to keep riders safe available here.

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